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Facial Rejuvenation

Achieving Natural Results With Minimal Healing Time

“Should I have a facelift?”

If you are reading this page, chances are you have asked this question. You may have noticed some sagging or jowls, or the appearance of telltale “marionette” lines around your mouth. You think you look more tired, or feel that signs of aging may be affecting your career or your social life.Whatever your reasons for considering a facelift or any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important that your questions and concerns be answered so you can make an informed decision.

Drs. Mark and Robert Glasgold of The Glasgold Group specialize in the rejuvenation of the aging face. They are among the most experienced facial plastic surgeons performing the modified deep-plane facelift, which delivers the most natural-looking and durable results.

They recommend that patients learn about the various procedures that address the aging face. Consultations can be scheduled with The Glasgold Group in Highland Park or Princeton, NJ, to answer your questions and assess your concerns.

View our before-and-after gallery, video testimonials and patient reviews about procedures performed by The Glasgold Group, New Jersey facial plastic surgeons.

The Consultation

During your initial consultation, Dr. Glasgold recommends examining your youthful non-smiling photos together in order to better understand the aging process. He doesn’t look only at wrinkles or sagging, but also at hollows and shadows in the cheeks and around the eyes caused by loss of volume, which characterize aging features. In this way, he can better evaluate each individual and make appropriate recommendations for achieving a natural result without the telltale signs of surgery. Together, a plan for facial rejuvenation is developed.

“We place great emphasis on reviewing exactly what can be expected from a particular procedure,” Dr. Glasgold says.

If you decide to have a procedure, you will be scheduled for a pre-op visit. At that appointment, you will learn about the advance preparation, what to expect on the day of surgery, and the recovery process. You can answer some of your questions right away by watching our Facelift FAQ videos.

“I was very pleased with the time given me during the consultation. All my questions were answered and I was not rushed at all.”– Joan W.
(Facelift, Rhinoplasty and Liposuction)
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The Modified Deep Plane Facelift

The modified deep-plane facelift performed by Dr. Glasgold is designed to smooth the contour of the jawline and tighten the neck. When properly done, a facelift does not pull the skin tightly or alter the look of major facial features. It will not pull the mouth tightly or reduce wrinkles around the lips, but does address the areas that make the face appear drawn or older.

During the procedure, sagging muscle and fat pads are suspended and tightened to obtain a long-lasting correction of the jawline and neck. With minimal pull on the skin, the surgical look is avoided.

“Patients often assume that a smaller procedure – a ‘mini-facelift’ – will produce a more natural look. The reverse is true, however,” Dr. Glasgold says. “Mini-lifts depend on putting unnatural tension on the skin to achieve the lift rather than repositioning the tissues. Very few physicians have the experience and training to perform the more sophisticated modified deep-plane procedure that we do, which produces a more natural, durable result. In testimonials, our patients express great satisfaction with this procedure and its results.”

The procedure is normally done under mild sedation, or “twilight sleep,” as an outpatient in The Glasgold Group’s AAAHC-certified operating suite. It may also be done in a hospital setting if preferred.

The Recovery – What to Expect

The Glasgold Group emphasizes the process as much as the result. “We want patients to feel that we are able to achieve the superior results of a deep-plane facelift with the minimal healing time and discomfort of a mini-lift,” Dr. Glasgold says.

Pre- and post-operative healing regimes include both herbal and homeopathic treatments, which reduce bruising and swelling. Patients usually can go home within four hours of the start of their procedure. Complete instructions for post-surgical care are provided, and Dr. Glasgold will follow up that day to see how you are feeling. You will be scheduled for post-operative visits.

Patients return home without drains or staples. “We seal every layer with tissue glue as well as sutures to eliminate the need for uncomfortable dressings and drains, to reduce bruising and swelling, and speed healing,” Dr. Glasgold explains.

Though post-surgical discomfort is normal, patients rarely complain of pain. The precisely placed incisions are hidden and virtually invisible. There is no loss of hair or change in the hairline. Patients who wear their hair short or pulled back can expect to be able to continue these styles after their procedure.

“We focus on making the procedure comfortable and patient-friendly. We start patients back on their exercise routines within 5 days and most patients feel they are functional within a week” Dr. Glasgold says.