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Ethnic Rhinoplasty New Jersey

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What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

The ethnic rhinoplasty carries its own set of unique problems which require a significantly different approach as compared to a non-ethnic rhinoplasty. Most of these patients seek a cosmetic improvement that still respects and preserves their ethnicity.

African Americans and Asians, for example, frequently have a broader, somewhat flatter nasal structure along with generally thicker skin in the nasal area. improving tip definition and narrowing are important considerations and require the skill of a highly experienced surgeon. In some instances of New Jersey ethnic rhinoplasty we may be need to augment a flat bridge in order to produce a better nasal definition for our African American and Asian patients. Hispanics frequently have thicker skin as well, which makes refinement of the nasal tip more difficult. In general, these patients also need strong tip support requiring nasal cartilage tip grafts. A surgical technique which we developed and perfected produces especially superior results in these more challenging cases.