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The Facelift Journey – Step by Step

The Day Before

Deb, a 61-year-old female,takes us on her facelift journey to Dr. Mark Glasgold’s office in Highland Park, NJ. Deb describesher feelings as “excited, anxious, and apprehensive,” about her facelift (or rhytidectomy), which is scheduled for the following day. She expresses concern that her face will appear unnaturally pulled following the procedure, but Dr. Mark, as she fondly refers to her surgeon, makes a promise to Deb that she will look completely natural. This makes Deb feel great.

The Big Day

On theday of her facelift surgery with Dr. Mark Glasgold, Deb is filmed in the office prior to her procedure. She tells Dr. Mark that she took the pre-op medication and is very relaxed, but sheis still able to ask any last-minute questions.

Following surgery, Deb declares, “I’m amazed at how good I feel.” Dr. Mark ensures she is feeling well, so she is able to have a snack. Deb isexperiencing no discomfort and has no bandages or drains when she leaves.

Deb records more of her experience once she has been home for a few hours. Her daughter helps care for her, but Deb feels well enough to have company in her home that evening. Six hours following the facelift surgery, Deb is noticing more bruising than she thought she would have. Tomorrow she will visit Dr. Mark.

The Follow up

Deb sees Dr. Mark the day after her facelift. She hasn’t needed any pain medication following her procedure, but feels tightness below her chin and at the top of her neck. Dr. Mark explains that he performs a deep-plane facelift, which is more extensive than the traditional facelift procedure, and describes what she can expect to experience. Once home, Deb notes thatshe feels a bit of discomfort in her ear, but states confidently, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

The Worst Day?

Two days after surgery, Deb is preparing for what she had feared would be the most uncomfortable day of her healing process, but she is pleasantly surprised that her symptoms are not significantly worse. Deb says her friends and family are amazed at how vibrant she already looks and feels just two days afterher facelift. There has been no need for ice, drains or bandages. Deb says of her surgery, “I’m thrilled with it!”

Movie Night

As she preparesto leave the house with friends, Deb records a video journal of Day Three of her post-operative healing. She marvels at the natural shape of her new jawline, though her cheeks remain swollen and tender to the touch. There is some discomfort behind her ears due to her sutures, but they will be removed in two days. Deb says her friend, who will be gettinga facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold, is thrilled to seehow quick and painless recovery from plastic surgery can be.

Post Op Check In

Five days after undergoing a facelift (rhytidectomy), Deb visits Dr. Mark Glasgold’s office to have her stitches removed. Deb didn’t sleep well because she was nervous about experiencing pain during the office visit, but much to her surprise, the process was painless. Dr. Mark tells Deb she can now resume most of her normal activities, including exercise.