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Our goal at Glasgold Group is to produce the most natural and enduring results. We set high standards for the care and results we deliver so that your expectations are met or exceeded. If you are one of our patients and would like to let others know how you found your experience, please add a testimonial below.

Great follow up, more than I expected

Excellent information – video was a great idea. very caring and sensitive to my needs. great follow up, more than I expected.

(Blepharoplasty with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

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  • Bonnie H.

I felt comfortable and confident with your work

I felt comfortable and confident with your work and manners. Everyone was very attentive before, during and after surgery. Your team was absolutely wonderful and supportive in every way. I am thrilled with [the results].

(Blepharoplasty and Chin Implant)

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  • Lynn D.

Testimonial by Tina Roussin

I had my primary rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon other than Dr. Robert Glasgold and was not at all happy with my results. Too much cartilage was taken out so my nasal valves collapsed and my nostrils became totally asymmetrical. Honestly, I was devastated and really didn't know what to do. Thank goodness someone recommended I see Dr. Glasgold. He performed a revision rhinoplasty and I can finally breathe again. Additionally, my new nose looks incredible. Several family members and friends have commented on how great I look. I highly recommend Dr. Glasgold to other patients. In addition to the positive things I've already mentioned, I'd also like to mention that the staff at the Glasgold Group is wonderful and very professional.

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  • Tina Roussin

Testimonial by Alex

Dr. Robert Glasgold was an absolute pleasure to meet! He's an excellent doctor: very skilled, insightful, and considerate. He walked me through every step of my filler procedure to ease my tension and worry. He also took the time to address all of my concerns and answer all of my questions, which was so nice. Additionally, his staff is very welcoming and kind. They provided me with an experience second to none.

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  • Alex

Testimonial by KP

Dr. Robert Glasgold has been so professional and patient with me. He listens to all of my concerns and answers all of my questions when I have them. His Botox injections provide me with the exact results I want each and every time. I'm so happy with Dr. Robert and the Glasgold practice in general. Patients who want to look great should definitely check them out. 



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  • KP

Testimonial by Denise

I'm a week out from my facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold. I know it's early, but I'm already thrilled with the way things are healing. The procedure wasn't painful and the bruising and swelling weren't anything close to what I was anticipating. My husband, who wasn't thrilled about me having surgery, can't believe how great I look already. If you're thinking about having a facelift, I'd highly recommend Mark Glasgold. He truly is the best.

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  • Denise

Dr Mark is truly an expert in his field.

As my parents have been aging, I’ve been struggling with my appearance, knowing what genetics had in store for me. I wanted a more permanent solution rather than fillers and injections. From my first to my last visit with Dr Mark, Jessica, and the rest of the staff, every question was answered with patience. I never felt rushed and never felt like they didn’t care about me and my feelings. They told me everything to expect from my options to help guide my decisions.

I decided to do everything at once to address sagging under eyes, dropping eyelids, and improving my sagging jawline and neck. People say I look refreshed, younger, or just can’t quite figure it out. Bottom line is I look like a younger version of me, not some scary version like we see in some surgeries gone bad with movie stars. Dr. Mark assured me of this and I had confidence in his skills that it would be true.

What I didn’t expect from the experience was the staff. Truly attentive, frank, and incredibly kind. They made the experience much less scary. I also loved that I could communicate with the practice via text messages. They responded faster than I expected. Such a great option for patients!

Dr Mark is truly an expert in his field. I was so fortunate to find someone with his knowledge, skill, and experience so close to home. I would recommend the Glasgold group to anyone I know contemplating any type of facial plastic surgery.

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  • J Madden

Testimonial by Michelle

Dr. Glasgold and his staff have been welcoming, professional, kind, and informative from the moment we met them. I am thrilled with the care given to my daughter before, during, and after her procedure. Dr. Glasgold took his time to listen to my daughter's concerns and share his plan in a simple, kind, and clear manner. Making a decision to undergo surgery was a difficult one, but since the moment her bandages were removed we have not regretted the decision at all. My daughter's confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. Her nose and chin implant are very natural and fit her face perfectly. Her healing process has been smooth and has undergone no scarring. We are 10 months out from her surgery and are thrilled with the results.

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  • Michelle

Testimonial by T.P

I’ve been wanting to get a rhinoplasty for years and can’t believe I waited so long. Dr. Robert Glasgold did an amazing job. I still can’t believe it really was painless. Not only does it look perfect but he was also able to fix an issue I had from allergies and I can’t believe I can breathe so much better now. I am always getting compliments on how natural my nose looks. Dr. Glasgold changed my life.

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  • T.P

Testimonial by JV

Wonderful experience and results!

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  • JV