Juvéderm Reveals Your Skin’s True Benefits

Juvéderm, a leading hyaluronic acid filler, offers a safe and effective way to enhance facial aesthetics. Its unique formulation not only smooths wrinkles but also restores volume, providing a natural and youthful appearance. Popular for its immediate results and minimal downtime, Juvéderm is a top choice for those seeking a non-surgical rejuvenation solution.

Wrinkle Reduction

Juvéderm erases fine lines and wrinkles, offering a smoother, rejuvenated appearance.

Volume Enhancement

Restore lost facial volume for a fuller, more youthful look with this effective treatment.

Long-Lasting Hydration

Juvéderm provides deep skin hydration, maintaining a radiant and healthy complexion for months.

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Combat Aging With Juvéderm Facial Fillers

Your face changes as you get older. The skin becomes looser and less elastic. You also lose fat just beneath the surface of the skin, which makes the facial bones and muscles more prominent. The loss of volume and changes in your skin can make lines and wrinkles more visually obvious. One way to reduce the appearance of those lines is with dermal fillers like Juvéderm. The Glasgold Group offers Juvéderm injections in New Jersey to patients who want to smooth creases and wrinkles on their faces for a more youthful look.

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Understanding Juvéderm: What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Juvéderm is the brand name of a family of dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid. Each injectable filler in the Juvéderm family is designed to treat a specific area of the face and a specific cosmetic concern. Juvéderm injections have been FDA-approved since 2006 for the treatment of nasolabial folds. This popular dermal filler was the first to receive approval for use in people with a variety of skin tones and complexions.

Juvéderm is different from other types of injectables. While products like BOTOX and Dysport treat wrinkles that form as a result of repetitive facial movements, Juvéderm treats static wrinkles caused by a loss of volume. The treatment area for each type of injectable is also different. BOTOX and Dysport work on the lines between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet, while treatment areas for Juvéderm are the marionette lines, lips, cheek area, and nasolabial folds.

Juvéderm is also different from other dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acids, such as Restylane.

While the two types of fillers focus on the same treatment areas and injection sites, their exact formulations are different, like Sculptra, which uses poly-L-lactic acid.


The Glasgold Group is an amazing practice, and I have had the pleasure of seeing both doctors for different services. Both Dr. Mark and Dr. Robert are amazing, detail oriented surgeons with such an advanced level of expertise you immediately feel like you are in the best and most capable hands.


Hi Dr. Mark, Thank you for your detailed, precise examination of my buccal alta. You are completely correct in your observation, and I had the fillers placed in the wrong area. Most surgeons could not spot the problems when they saw my before and after pictures. I am really impressed with your skill and honesty. Thank you for being patient with me, as I have been harmed by a dishonest surgeon previously. I will be in touch with you once I am ready for the surgery. Warmest regards

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Types of Juvéderm

There are several products in the Juvéderm family, and each one has a slightly different formulation. The injection sites and treatment goals of each Juvéderm product are designed to help patients solve the most common cosmetic concerns. Juvéderm products include the following.

Juvéderm Ultra

Juvéderm Ultra XC is an injectable filler that treats a loss of volume in the lips and fills in fine lines in the area surrounding the lips.

Juvéderm Vollure

Juvéderm Vollure is an injectable meant to be used to treat moderate to severe facial creases and wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds.

Juvéderm Volbella

Juvéderm Volbella is designed to restore volume to the lips and to treat fine lines around the mouth.

Juvéderm Voluma

Among our Juvéderm offerings, Juvéderm Voluma stands out for its effectiveness in enhancing cheek volume. As the first FDA-approved dermal filler for the mid-face area, it offers targeted results. For more detailed information on Juvéderm Voluma, particularly its use in New Jersey, please visit our dedicated Voluma page.

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What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Besides a brand name, one thing that all members of the Juvéderm family of injectables share is the same active ingredient: hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance. Although it has “acid” in its name, hyaluronic acid is actually a type of sugar. It’s found naturally in the skin. The substance is able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Its water-retaining abilities are what allow it to help keep the skin plump and hydrated. 

When people are born, they produce a lot of hyaluronic acids. The presence of this substance is one reason why babies have such plump, pinchable skin. As you get older, though, the amount of hyaluronic acid your body produces naturally drops, as does the amount of collagen and elastin you produce.

The reduction in hyaluronic acid can make your skin drier and can make lines, wrinkles, and facial hollows more prominent. Injecting hyaluronic acid back into the skin can temporarily add volume to target areas, helping to reduce the signs of aging. Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance, there is little risk of reaction to it following injection. For that reason, your plastic surgeon usually won’t need to perform allergy testing before treatment with Juvéderm.

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Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Juvéderm?

Are you a good candidate for Juvéderm? Juvéderm treatments are suitable for adults over 21 seeking to address signs of aging. Whether you’re experiencing volume loss, wrinkles, or other facial changes, our comprehensive Juvéderm options cater to a broad range of needs, ensuring personalized and effective solutions.

Although Juvéderm is appropriate for adults of all ages, keep in mind that some people might see better, more dramatic results with other types of cosmetic treatments, such as facial plastic surgery. The plastic surgeons at the Glasgold Group can help you decide if a non-surgical treatment will best meet your needs or if a surgical procedure is more appropriate.

Your health and expectations for the procedure will also determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for Juvéderm in New Jersey with our team. Ideally, you’ll be in good overall health. You also want to have realistic expectations for the treatment and should understand that the results are temporary and can vary.

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Your Juvéderm Consultation in South Jersey

To explore the full spectrum of Juvéderm treatments and find the right match for your aesthetic goals, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us at Glasgold Group in Princeton, NJ. Our experts will guide you through the various options, ensuring a tailored approach to your rejuvenation journey. Dr. Robert Glasgold and Dr. Mark Glasgold are both board-certified facial plastic surgeons who also offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including Juvéderm injections.

During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will ask you questions to get to know you better. Be prepared for questions about your current and past medical history, your experience with cosmetic treatments, and your overall goals and expectations. With the information you provide, the doctor will be able to recommend the right treatment for you.

You can also use your consultation as a chance to get to know your plastic surgeon and to find out more about their experience. Ask to see before-and-after photos, ask about their training and experience, and ask for references and recommendations from previous patients.

Your plastic surgeon will outline the Juvéderm process during your consultation. They’ll tell you how to prepare for the injections, what to expect during the appointment, and what you’ll need to do after your treatment. They’ll also fill you in on any side effects and risks and give you instructions to help you minimize any complications.

The Juvéderm Procedure

The actual Juvéderm procedure is very quick. Many appointments take only 15 minutes or so, although yours might take longer if you are treating multiple areas or if you’re combining treatments. 

Juvéderm products typically contain lidocaine, a numbing agent. The lidocaine helps to improve your comfort during and after the injection process. If you are particularly concerned about discomfort during Juvéderm injections, our staff can also apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area before the injection. 

The needles used to inject Juvéderm are very small. The fine-tipped needle also helps to reduce discomfort.

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What to Do After Your Juvéderm Treatment

Since Juvéderm injections are minimally invasive, the disruption to your life before and after treatment is likely to be minimal. You won’t need to take time off from work or cancel your regular social commitments following treatment, for the most part. 

What you might like to do is take it easy for the rest of the day after your injections and perhaps for the next day, too. You’ll be able to return to work almost immediately. You’ll also be able to shower, wash your face, and wear makeup like you normally would right away.

There are a few things to be cautious about after Juvéderm. The first is exercise. You might want to take a day or so off from vigorous exercise. Going for a walk is fine, but working up a sweat and raising your heart rate should be avoided. The plastic surgeons at the Glasgold Group will give you more specific information on when you can resume gym workouts or other vigorous forms of exercise. Another thing to be cautious about after Juvéderm is sun exposure. To help maintain your results, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day. It’s also a good idea to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun each day, as sun exposure accelerates the aging process.

Side Effects and Risks of Juvéderm

Side effects after Juvéderm are usually minimal. You might have some bruising, redness, or swelling at the injection site, but these side effects usually fade or resolve after a few days. Following your surgeon’s instructions and avoiding blood-thinning medications immediately after treatment can help to reduce bruising and swelling. You might also use cold compresses to bring down any swelling.

Although Juvéderm is formulated as a smooth gel, some patients notice lumps or bumps in the injected area right after treatment. Your plastic surgeon can show you how to massage the treated area to help smooth away any bumps. 

The risk of severe complications after Juvéderm is minimal, especially if you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience performing the injections. Some potential risks of the injections include injecting into a blood vessel, infection at the site of the injection, and irritation. 

If you’re concerned about the risks, talk to the plastic surgeons at the Glasgold Group. Dr. Mark Glasgold  and Dr. Robert Glasgold will be happy to tell you what they do to minimize risks and to help ensure patient safety during Juvéderm and other cosmetic procedures.

At Glasgold Group, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of Juvéderm treatments. Each treatment is designed to meet your unique aesthetic goals, ensuring a youthful and vibrant appearance without overemphasis on any single product.

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Why Choose the Glasgold Group?

Juvéderm is a complex and custom procedure that requires a high level of skill and knowledge to perform properly. At the Glasgold Group, our surgeons have decades of experience, and patients and peers alike respect them for the beautiful, natural-looking results they consistently produce. By choosing the Glasgold Group for your procedure, you can expect results of the highest caliber and the knowledge that your safety and satisfaction are top priorities.

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Experience the Glasgold Difference

For over 50 years, the Glasgold Group has been a trailblazer in aesthetic surgery, renowned for its innovative techniques, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded by Dr. Alvin Glasgold in the 1960s and continued by Dr. Robert Glasgold and Dr. Mark Glasgold, our practice has been a driving force in shaping the field of plastic surgery, and Dr. Mark Glasgold and Dr. Robert Glasgold were pioneers in delivering many popular injectable treatments in New Jersey. Their expertise and dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in plastic surgery make them trusted authorities in the industry.

What sets us apart is our patient-centric approach. Every individual is treated with personalized care and empathy, ensuring their specific needs and concerns are addressed. We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment where patients feel comfortable discussing their goals and fears openly. This commitment to personalized care not only leads to outstanding results but also ensures a positive and fulfilling experience for each patient. Patients choose the Glasgold Group for our reputation for delivering exceptional care and our decades of expertise, which is rare in the field.

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Juvéderm FAQ

How long does Juvéderm last?

How much does Juvéderm cost?

Do Juvéderm injections hurt?

Can I be allergic to Juvéderm?

How long does Juvéderm compare to Restylane?

How is Juvéderm different from BOTOX?

Can I repeat Juvéderm injections?

What if I’m not happy with my Juvéderm results?

What Juvéderm office is near me?

How long does Juvéderm last?

How long the results from Juvéderm will last depends in part on the type of injections you receive and your own body. The results from Juvéderm Ultra can last for up to a year, while results from our Juvéderm treatments vary, with some lasting up to two years, depending on the specific product used. Some patients metabolize the filler more quickly than others, shortening their results.

How much does Juvéderm cost?

Juvéderm is priced by the syringe, and the total cost depends on the number of syringes you need. You can learn more about the price of Juvéderm and other dermal fillers on our pricing page.

Do Juvéderm injections hurt?

Dr. Mark Glasgold and Dr. Robert Glasgold do everything they can to make Juvéderm injections as comfortable as possible for you. The products typically contain lidocaine (a local anesthetic), and the plastic surgeons can also apply a separate numbing cream to the area before injection. Many people find that they only feel a slight pinch during treatment.

Can I be allergic to Juvéderm?

Although hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the body and the risk for allergic reactions is low, some patients are allergic to the lidocaine used in the injections. If you have had a reaction to lidocaine in the past, let your surgeon know before treatment.

How long does Juvéderm compare to Restylane?

Juvéderm and Restylane are both dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid. They treat similar areas of the face and provide results that last for a similar amount of time, but there are some notable differences between the two. Our surgeons can help you decide whether Restylane or Juvéderm is best for you based on your exact goals.

How is Juvéderm different from BOTOX?

They treat similar areas of the face and provide results that last for a similar amount of time, but there are some notable differences between the two. Our surgeons can help you decide whether Restylane or Juvéderm is best for you based on your exact goals.

Can I repeat Juvéderm injections?

The results from Juvéderm don’t last forever. If you are happy with the results, you can repeat the injection treatment before they fully fade away.

What if I’m not happy with my Juvéderm results?

If you aren’t happy with your results for whatever reason, you do have the option of reversing them. Your plastic surgeon can simply inject an enzyme into the treated area that will dissolve the hyaluronic acid.

What Juvéderm office is near me?

If you live near Princeton, NJ, The Glasgold Group offers Juvéderm among its services and is conveniently located at 4390 US-1 #100, Princeton, NJ 08540.

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