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Dr. Mark Glasgold: A PERFECT Face-Lift MAGICIAN

True. No hyperbole above. There is not a better trained, more professional or caring surgeon in the Greater NYC area than Dr. Mark Glasgold to perform a PLANE face-lift on an aging face. This includes ANY celebrity plastic surgeon in Manhattan; I have seen too many to count, always felt as if I was just another ta-ching ta-ching face waiting in an impersonal check-out line and finally after years of searching found Dr. Glasgold in the most unlikely place: Princeton, New Jersey.

Dr. Glasgold has a low-key, gentle manner but underneath is clearly a driven perfectionist, double Board certified physician in both Plastic Surgery and ENT/Otolaryngology; a Doctor who has received more professional accolades and awards than I can count and with extensive training and experience in performing his specialty : the Art of a perfect, natural looking PLANE FACE-LIFT.

Dr. Glasgold’s primary goal is to provide first class patient experience and superb results to every patient he sees. He accomplishes this by, quite correctly, having a top notch support staff all of whom are clearly dedicated to meeting his very high standards, expectations and goals. This TEAM (& btw, there’s no “I” in team) genuinely CARES about all of their patients and individually treats each one as the most important, only person in the world during each and every encounter. Astonishing and certainly almost impossible to find these days.

From my first interaction, an exploratory phone call with Rosa regarding scheduling and fees, I was extremely comfortable and after that, every single encounter, phone call or office visit was exemplary and left me at ease in every way. Special thanks and kudos for extraordinary patient care and help to the: Pre/Post Op Nurse Jessica, Anesthetist Nurse Laura, Receptionist Suzanne at front desk with always a warm hello and smile plus Wendy, Gionna, and Dr. Franco of course.

Dr. Mark’s surgical results far EXCEEDED my expectations. He told me during our first visit that post surgery “I would look better than I ever had,” (I definitely did NOT believe him) and then prior to surgery, I lost 25 lbs. and he repeated “the shape of your face is ideally suited for this kind of surgery.” Again, my innate skepticism instantaneously appeard but in actuality, Dr. Mark was 100% correct: Four weeks out, I feel better & look better than I have in over 20 years. I look at my tiny heart-shaped face daily where there is now a well-defined jaw line, chin and a smooth neck. Incredible! The pretty woman I knew is back. Yippeee a million times over. I have my life back!

One more note: During our initial consult, Dr. Mark did not rush me. He patiently and calmly answered every question I had (stupid or otherwise) and made sure none of my questions or concerns was left unanswered. An important comment Dr. Mark made at the end of our initial visit stuck with me and maybe it will mean something to you the reader. He said, as he courteously walked me out of his office:

“I perform only one surgery per day and it is a PERFECT Face-lift. That’s what I do.” And that is the truth.

No more can really be said except to add, Dr. Mark Glasgold’s ego is not on the line and he does not need to be in the "celebrity plastic surgeon" spot-light for stroking. He knows he’s the BEST & there is no better. Promise.

P. D.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of my Brow Lift!

From consultation to post-op visits I can't say enough great things about Doctor Mark and each and every staff member I came in contact with! Dr Mark is talented, has wonderful bedside manner and is confident. Which is so important when you're trusting someone with your face! After meeting with him I knew he was my surgeon. My husband and I felt so comfortable, we scheduled my procedure that day.

Rosa (Surgical Coordinator) Was understanding efficient and thorough in getting me properly prepared for my procedure. The icing on the cake is Suzanne heading up reception and managing the office like a fine oiled machine! Coordinating follow up appointments and answering all of my questions without judgment :) And not to be over looked... the cherry on top is Gianna (Aesthetician), providing me with a wonderful hydrafacial and discussing proper skin care <3

100% Satisfied with the entire Glasgold Group!


I have been going to Brooke for injectables for some time and she is wonderful! She is very pleasant and extremely detail oriented. I've always been very pleased with her services.


I have been a patient of the Glasgold, Group for many years. I didn’t just randomly pick them from a Google search. I did extensive research which included asking nurses at a hospital they were affiliated with. I’ve had both rhinoplasty and deep plane facelift. Not only does Mark do exquisite work, he thoroughly explains everything, so you know exactly what to expect. But most of all, I don’t ‘look’ like I’ve had cosmetic surgery. You can’t see any scars and the results are amazing. I am so happy with what I see in the mirror now.

And to top things off, their staff, medical assistants, nurses are so supportive, skilled, and always available. I can’t say enough about the Glasgold, group. They truly are the gold standard.


Dr. Mark Glasgold transformed me so that the way I feel inside is reflected on the outside. I now look in a mirror and am pleased at my reflection. Dr. Mark is an extremely competent medical professional who combines the skills of a surgeon with the eyes and sensibility of an artist. Being double board certified in facial plastic surgery, he has years of experience in this specialty.

After visiting several doctors in the tri state region, there was no question as to which doctor I would trust with my face. He is low key, engaged, informative, and is a genius in his field. The supporting staff completes the picture - everyone is caring and competent and made me feel secure in my decision. They monitored my recovery, which was painless and more rapid than I expected.

The results are thrilling - I look and feel my best, my confidence level is high., and I’m constantly complimented about how great I look, which I tell people I attribute it to diet and exercise! Dr. Marc is the facial plastic surgeon by which all others should be measured!


Every step of the way, Dr. Marc Glasgold excelled. I haven’t EVER had this good an experience with a doctor of any sort, period. He is kind, calm, generous with his time, meticulous and of course, enormously skillful. I never once doubted his judgment. His entire staff is a dream staff. They return your calls and emails promptly. I had one previous surgery that didn’t go well, so I approached this ten-year-later revision with great caution. The surgery went off without a hitch, and I barely felt any pain in the aftermath. I enjoyed the experience immensely, and the results are superb. What more could anyone ask for?


Dr Mark Glasgold and his entire office staff from reception to nursing to anesthesiology are top notch . Immediately you feel you are in competent hands . I had a deep plane facelift . Everything was explained throroughtly so I knew exactly what to expect . It has only been a month from my procedure and already people are noticing how good I look . Could not be more happy with my choice of Dr M Glasgold and his team


Deep Plane Facelift and Brow Lift.

My procedure was in September. I waited six weeks before writing a review because I wanted the swelling to go down. I knew before the six-week mark, but I am finally publishing it:


I'm from the Midwest. Before deciding on a surgeon, I interviewed two in Chicago and one in NYC. Then while at my spa, I heard people talking about Dr. Mark. Intrigued, I followed up and spoke to two of his patients who had the same procedure. I saw before, during, and after pictures and decided it was worth flying to the East Coast for a consultation.

Dr. Mark's calm, professional and communicative manner, along with the remarkable outcome of his previous procedures, was all I needed to decide. (He recommended adding a Brow Lift. So thankful. It opened my eyes and complimented the lower lift.) I'm still swollen and have a few ridges, but daily I see improvement.

From day 1, Dr. Mark did a great job managing my expectations. "It's a journey," he explained. He is so right! Week one: swelling and tightness. Weeks two and three: Swelling begins to dissipate, and ridges form. Looking better daily. Week four: I have super model-like cheekbones! Weeks five & six: swelling and ridges are slowly disappearing. I can't wait to see what weeks seven and eight will bring.

Dr. Mark Glasgold is an excellent plastic surgeon, and his office team is terrific! I wholeheartedly recommend him.


Dr. Mark is one of the best plastic surgeons I have worked with and I have been with more than one. He is patient and calm, answering all questions. His skills are incredible. I was anxious to have work done on my face and he made me feel very comfortable and confident. Now that it is over my only question is why did it take me this long. The answer: I needed to find Dr. Mark to have the work done. He is outstanding and I would highly recommend. I was back to work within a week and exercising also within a week of my surgery.


If I could give Dr. Mark 10 stars I would. The group is professional, courteous, kind and the results are amazing. Their work achieves the desired results. They are dramatic yet subtle. My friends have asked me questions like "did you change you hair", "did you get new glasses", they notice the change and how much more awake and fresh is the term they have used to describe my look. I had my eyelids done by Dr. Mark. The surgery was the easiest thing for me. I had no pain during or after the surgery. Thank you Dr. Mark and staff! You guys are all wonderful.


I used to have a prominent chubby chin that didn't fit at all with my overall very fit physique. I went to Mark who told me candidly what I could expect to correct my chin. Even though I was afraid of the procedure, Dr Mark Glasgold made a very professional and trustworthy impression on me. He spoke to me like a friend and good counselor and never pushed me. I agreed to the surgery with confidence. It went smoothly but I did have some post-surgery bruising and swelling and my skin around the neck felt tight. Yet, as Mark explained to me, those would go away soon. It's true. At the end, I'm satisfied with the results of my chin surgery. My face looks chiseled and I can't see any scars.


I previously had both Botox and Juvederm fillers with The Glasgold Group 12 years ago. As I’ve aged, I’ve become less pleased with my appearance and felt that I was practically looking at a stranger in the mirror, which did not reflect how youthful I felt inside! After looking at several different types of less invasive facelift-like procedures, I finally decided to bite the bullet and have a proper facelift done along with correction of my droopy eyelids.

The Glasgold Group recommended that I watch various videos of procedures on their website with real clients. I felt that these videos along with additional information on the site were able to answer almost all of my questions prior to my consultation.

My consultation with Dr. Mark Glasgold was very informative. Dr. Glasgold took the time to evaluate my problem areas and see if a facelift procedure would, in fact, give me the results I desired. He was patient and answered all my questions and provided me with what I needed to make an informed decision with no pressure at all! Their offices are clean and modern with a well-tenured staff that is a pleasure to work with from the reception and scheduling to surgical nurses. They ALL are exceptional!

True to his word, the extensive work that Dr Glasgold performed was, to my surprise, painless. My recovery was relatively quick and the various milestones were all what I was told to expect. The follow up care has been incredible. The only thing that I might regret is that I waited so long to take the plunge! The results are so natural and I finally feel that my face matches the the age that I feel inside. I easily could pass for 10 years younger. I have no exaggerated tight skin or artificial look to my appearance. In fact, the results are so natural and all scars so well hidden that I have received so many comments on my “wonderful hair” and “good looking complexion” from both family and close friends. Shhhhhh, don’t tell them I actually had work done!

Dr. Glasgold has the expertise, the accreditation and an eye for detail that, in my opinion, is unsurpassed. I highly recommend, without reservation, The Glasgold Group. They are that excellent!


I had a facelift surgery done with a previous plastic surgeon who left me very unhappy and unsatisfied with the results and my care. A friend recommended me to Dr. Mark Glasgold. I felt heard by the doctor, as well as, comfortable and confident that he could redo the previous damage and give me the exact results I had originally wanted. Best decision I could've made.


I really didn't like the way my upper eyelids looked...there was some sagging along the sides, my eyes didn't look fresh, and people said I always looked tired. I've been going to Dr. Mark Glasgold for over ten years now, so the decision to have him perform my upper blepharoplasty was an easy one to make. My procedure went great and I'm extremely happy with my results! I didn't have any pain or discomfort. It was the easiest surgery I've ever had. Dr. Mark Glasgold is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him and my procedure in a heartbeat!


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