After a short lived mini-facelift, I started to research Deep Plane Facelift, a facelift that focuses on lifting the face muscles and add more definition to the face. I looked for doctors that specialize in this procedure and after consultations with a few surgeons I chose Dr. Mark Glasgold. I was very impressed with the time he took to explain the surgery and how it would result in a very natural look, unlike the traditional facelift, where the skin is pulled back making you look artificial. I felt very confident that Dr. Mark had the experience I was looking for, and was happy to travel 200 miles to have the surgery done by him. I had some bruising and swelling but was comfortable to go out in about 2 weeks. I am very happy with the results. My friends say I look 10 years younger with a very refreshed and natural look. I feel Dr. Mark is a very gifted surgeon, he took time to understand my concerns and give suggestions that made me feel confident in the procedure. The entire office staff is also very caring and attentive, thank you everyone. I would recommend Dr. Glasgold without any hesitation.


Dear Dr. Robert Glasgold and Staff, No research, no testimonial of any kind could have prepared me for the experience and relationships offered to me by the Glasgold group. They were in the realm of ‘wonder’ in the truest sense of the word. It was apparent from the first consultation that Dr. Robert and his staff deeply understood my needs – psychologically, emotionally and physically. I went forward with a facelift, fat transfer and blepharoplasty with full confidence in Dr. Robert’s expertise, confidence in the keen mind of his fellow, Dr. Bethany King, and with confidence in the professional knowledge of his nurses, including the nurse anesthetist. Need I state my happiness further? I stand here, only three weeks later, a testament to excellence in the field of facial rejuvenation. Thank you all!


Dr. Mark is a consummate medical doctor who is most competent, caring and respectful. I have complete confidence in his judgment. He is a perfect ten.


Dr Robert was very caring and I am very happy with results – Jessica the nurse was just great!


Dr. Mark made me feel positive and “calm” about having the surgery.


Dr. Alvin Glasgold is the best doctor! I am so lucky to have found him! I hated my nose before and now I have a nose that fits my face, with a gorgeous profile and perfect nostrils! I couldn’t be happier! He is the best. (Rhinoplasty with Dr. Alvin Glasgold)


Dr. Robert is incredible. Very thorough and attentive. I also found him very warm and sensitive.


Hi Dr. Mark, Thank you for your detailed, precise examination in my buccal alta. You are completely correct with your observation and I had the fillers places in the wrong area. Most surgeons could not spot the problems when they saw my before and after pictures. I am really impressed with your skill and honesty. Thank you for being patient with me as I have been harmed by a dishonest surgeon previously. I will be in touch with you once I am ready for the surgery. Warmest regards,


Dr. Robert Glasgold was great! I trusted him completely an I am extremely happy with the results.

Real patient

“Before my facelift I avoided looking in the mirror unless it was to put on makeup. I was extremely conscious of a sagging face and neck. In fact, I was so upset about my aging face that I took my unhappiness out on my husband. Things got so bad that one day my husband jokingly said that he’d treat me to a facelift. Was he surprised when I took him up on it! Since I’m the kind of person who believes in specialists for everything (my mechanic only works on Mercedes), I interviewed facial plastic surgeons. I chose Dr. Mark Glasgold of the Glasgold Group Plastic Surgery, because he specializes in facelifts and fat transfers. He did a spectacular job, ridding me of my chipmunk cheeks while completely refreshing the lower part of my face and neck. Now, thanks to Dr. Glasgold and my terrific husband, my life is much improved.” Harriet, 65, retired social worker


Thank you (Dr. Alvin Glasgold) for taking the time to explain to me about Rhinoplasty. Your patience and understanding before and after the operation, in addition to your tremendous skill in the operating room, is greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough.


“In my book, age is relative. Admit that you’re 50 and many people immediately pigeon-hole you. I’ve never acted my age, but unfortunately my face detailed the histories of my birthdays. Just to get some information I scheduled consultations with several general plastic surgeons, and the Glasgold Group. Dr. Alvin, Dr. Mark, and Dr. Robert blew all the others away. On the day of my consultation they put me at complete ease. Their manner was so unhurried and attentive that I found myself easily conveying what I hoped facial plastic surgery could do for me. A `refresher’ plan was designed, and instead of the blepharoplasty that I thought I needed, we decided to try Botox to alleviate crow’s feet around the eyes, and the wrinkles across my brow. Dr. Robert also performed a non-surgical lower blepharoplasty to get rid of the dark hollows I always hated under my eyes. The best part: my procedures were no-fuss quick fixes that allowed me to walk out of the center looking as wonderful as I felt!” 50-year-old events planner


I’ve always been afraid of the unknown. What I really like about the way the Glasgold Group works is that everything is explained in detail so that there are no surprises down the road. I was given take-away materials about a mid-face lift that set the groundwork to ask specific questions of Dr. Mark, my surgeon, during our initial consultation. His patient coordinator also was very responsive to my questions. I learned exactly what a mid-face lift could and couldn’t do, got a general idea of how the surgery would be performed, that it could be done in one of three fully accredited outpatient centers, what anesthesia would be used, and how long everything would take. I also was told what I could expect post-surgically, and the protocol to follow about two weeks prior to surgery, such as not taking aspirin or Vitamin E. What I really appreciated was receiving a call that night after my surgery asking how I was doing and if I had any questions or concerns. While many people have complimented me on how terrific I look, I don’t think anyone suspects that I’ve had plastic surgery, which is my preference. - 48, accounts receivable manager


I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the doctor (Dr. Alvin Glasgold) and staff throughout my entire experience. (consult/surgery)


Dear Dr. Mark & Staff, Thank you for your amazing, life-changing skill, compassion and kindness. You are all special individuals who truly make a difference! Gratefully,


Could not be more pleased with the office, the staff, Dr. Alvin and the results!


Dear Dr. Mark, I just want to thank you again for everything that you have done for me. I feel so much better about my appearance and my attitude when I talk to people. I no longer feel like everyone is staring at my wrinkles. I hope the many people who have asked for your card are seeing you. There have been many compliments to you on your incredible work and I just wanted to share this with you. Many, many thanks again.


I could not be happier with my choice and end result of Dr. Alvin doing my rhinoplasty/Septoplasty/turbinectomy. He has excellent people skills and the work he did looks extremely natural. This was a revision and I’m so thrilled I chose him this time around.

Real patient

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work and for all your help with making my surgery happen last month. I really appreciate all you’ve done.


Dr. Alvin seems to take a lot of pride and concern in his work and I really felt comfortable in having the procedure done, as I did seek other surgeons and felt much happier with Dr. Alvin.

Real patient

Very pleased with the whole practice – doctors, nurses, office staff – always very pleasant. P.R.


Thank you for all that you have done to make my life better this past year. Your talents and abilities are much appreciated every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror. You have been professional, caring and generous.


I just wanted to extend a very warm thank you for all you have done for me throughout the year. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and thank you for always listening to my concerns and truly caring.


I thought it was a great value to couple the rhinoplasty with the mentoplasty. I am happy with the results of both.


Thank you for making me feel comfortable and explaining everything so well. Also thank you for being so accommodating with the scheduling.


My goal from facial plastic surgery was to look like my familiar self, just better. I really didn’t know if this was possible. Then I spotted a Glasgold Group advertisement that showed `before’ and `after’ examples of the group’s work that were so impressive that I decided to schedule a consultation. From the moment I walked through its door I felt confident that I had made the right decision. The surroundings were tranquil and soothing, and the friendly, professional staff was able to answer every one of my many preliminary questions. Then I met the surgeons who recommended a direct neck excision. The results of my surgery were everything I hoped. And to prove it I’ve traded in my trademark turtleneck sweaters for tops with jewel necklines. — 48, general litigation attorney


Why did I undergo a blepharoplasty and forehead lift? People kept telling me that I looked tired, angry and worn out. My job held no challenge, but I was reluctant to make a move because I realized that at age 55 I’d be competing against younger candidates. So for me, cosmetic surgery was a necessity. I scheduled my two week vacation to coincide with my surgeries which were performed by Dr. Robert Glasgold. He was highly recommended by my primary care physician whose judgment I completely trust. Dr. Glasgold is a young man who is familiar with the latest cosmetic surgery techniques and there are two other members of his family with whom he works—a great support system. About a month after my surgery I bought myself a Hugo Boss suit and confidently began circulating my résumé. — long-term care insurance agent


When my best friend since junior high school asked me to accompany her to a consultation for a rhinoplasty at the Glasgold Group’s center I tried to talk her out of it, even though I knew how self-conscious she was about her rather prominent nose. I wasn’t exactly happy with my nose either and you didn’t see me running for surgery. She requested that I be present during the consultation with Dr. Alvin Glasgold and he readily agreed. He was just wonderful, taking lots of time to explain the procedure and exactly how Marion could expect her nose to look; at one point he even used computer imaging to give her a better idea. Together they came up with a nose shaped to fit her face. By the time we were through I was as excited about the prospect of Marion’s new, improved nose as she was. And to prove it, she accompanied me for my rhinoplasty consultation a few months after her own surgery. —Lydia, 22, Rutgers college student


Dear Dr. Glasgold, Just want to thank you for making me look beautiful. On January 13, 2005 you turned my life around. Now I have more self-confidence than ever before. You have magic hands! I wish you the best of luck from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely,


Hi Mark, I’m sitting on the beach looking great and feeling good and all because of you! I can’t thank you enough for giving me back the body I had twenty years ago! I’ve spent a fortune on string bikinis and I love it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU – See you in September. (Liposuctionwith Dr. Mark Glasgold)


Dr. Alvin Glasgold, Last year, March 7th is when I went for rhinoplasty and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. I just want to thank you for changing my life and for the first time making me feel beautiful. You’re an amazing person. Thanks again.


Dear Doctors Glasgold, Thank you very much for the touch-up (and for your kindness and caring). I am very pleased with the results. The entire Glasgold experience – your pleasant, efficient staff and the ambience they create – has been very positive for me and my husband as well. I am sure we will be in touch again in the future. Hoping this finds you all well. Yours,


Dear Dr. Glasgold & Staff, Thank you for everything. I will recommend you highly.

A. A

In Dec 1976, Dr. Glasgold performed plastic surgery on my nose. I saw his name on the internet, and thought I would take this moment to tell you how happy I have been all these years. In almost 30 years, not one person has been able to guess I have had my nose fixed. I am proud to tell people, especially people who tell me they can “always” spot a nose job. Thank you,


Dear Dr. Mark: I want you to know what a terrific experience my eye surgery and follow up care was for me. (Procedure date was November 2004) The results are wonderful and I especially appreciate the extra care you took to ensure a wonderful results (restylane injection, laser surface treatment) etc. You are extremely professional and competent, but also extremely sensitive to patient concern and care. It was very comforting to know that your concern for patients is such a high priority. I especially noted the specialized talents of your colleagues and can’t say enough about how much I trust your judgement. The entire staff is outstanding and everyone is professional, emphatic and pleasant. I had a great deal of concern about even selecting to have the procedure, and my experience has led to me recommending the group to my daughter who is contemplating having some work done to her nose. Regards,


Dear Dr. Glasgold, Thank you for being there for me!!


Dr. Mark, Karen, Laura, Jennifer & everyone else, Thank you for taking great care of me. My life will never be the same & this is a good thing!!


Dear Dr. Glasgold, Better late than never… but just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Holidays & a Healthy & Happy New Year. Thank You for making me feel & look good in 2004!


Dr. Glasgold, This comes with many thanks & much appreciation for helping me achieve a better appearance. I know you, above all people, realize how important it is to look your best. Thank you for helping to make a miracle in my life! Sincerely,


Dear Dr. Mark – You always go “the extra mile” and we are so appreciative. We have always valued your expert opinions, and yet you have taken the time to listen to personal objectives as well. Thank you so much!

J. & B.

Dr. Mark, Thank you for the great job you did with the Botox.


I can’t thank you enough for everything! You’re all wonderful! Thank you again! Love,


Dear Dr. Glasgold, Thank-you so much for your kindness, understanding and your knowledge. You really helped me so much. Sincerely,


Dear Dr. Glasgold, This is just a quick note to thank you for taking care of me. You and your staff made me feel so comfortable during/after my procedure and for that I am truly grateful. You are by far one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have met and feel lucky to have been a patient. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love,


Dr Mark and Alvin Glasgold, Diane and Office Staff, The world of thanks!!!


Dear Dr. Alvin and Staff, Thank you very much for everything you did! I am very pleased with the results of the surgery and I love my new look. Dr. Alvin, you did a wonderful job and your staff is very friendly and helpful. Thanks again


Dear Dr. Mark, This brief note is to acknowledge how generous, thoughtful, and extremely kind you have been during my illness and inevitable surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. I, more than anyone, appreciate the special favor of going out of your way to speed me through the admissions process at RWJ. The doctors and nurses were superb and the care was ever present following surgery. Thank you for the lovely room with a window and the magnificent bouquet of flowers to brighten some of my bleakest moments. The gorgeous yellow sunflower and orange gerken daisies brought sunshine and a smile to my stay. Thank you for your frequent visits and your concern for my welfare. You are the best! With warmth and fondness,


Thank you so much for being so wonderful! I will never forget your kindness and for making me feel so cared for. Love


Mark – You were absolutely wonderful (as I knew you would be). My results are great. Thanks for everything,


Dear Dr. Alvin and Dr. Mark, A brief note to again express my appreciation to you both. I had my “after” photos taken last week and I look at them each day to remind myself of the “before”! I’m indebted to you for what you have done for me – you made incredible physical changes that contributed to positive mental changes. My friends all say I look great, but they don’t know why!! With all my heart I thank you both.


Dear Dr. Glasgold & Staff, Thanks so much for making my hospital stay a nice one! I appreciate all you’ve done for me! Regards


Dear Mark – Thanks for helping my “outside” match my “inside” more closely. I appreciate benefitting from your talents! Sincerely


Dear Dr. Alvin, Thank you so much for seeing me on April 17th. I was so worried for no reason. My nose was better in a few days and the swelling went down. I appreciate all your work. It’s made a difference in my life. Thank you very much! Love


Dear Mark, Thank you so much for the complimentary consultation last week. That was very nice of you. I truly appreciate your honesty with me and at some point in the “not-too-distant” future will see you again. Please send me some of your cards because people ask me for advice very often. Warm Regards,


Dear Dr Glasgold, Thank you so much for being so kind and professional. I appreciate everything you have done for me to enhance my self-esteem. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Mark, I wanted to let you know how much better I like my face now after the fat transfer and cheek lift. I appreciate you going the extra mile for me and the integrity with which you run your practice. Thanks a million!


Dear Mark, Alvin and the entire staff, Just a note of thanks for all the care and good work that you do! I’m very satisfied with the results of my 2 surgeries with your office. I appreciate the kindness and care I was shown by all! You are warm yet professional, a great mix! Sincerely


Dear Dr. Mark, Just wanted to drop a note of thanks. At my last botox visit when I inquired about a new fat deposit on my eye, you took the time to discuss my hypothyroid condition. Considering your comments, I changed doctors and my TSH has gone from 5.5 to .5. Not only do I feel much better, but the fat tissue has almost gone away! Thank you for being a genuine doctor stepping out of the specialty box. Sincerely & Gratefully


Congratulations! Being selected as one of “America’s Top Doctors” is quite an honor. You are among a select few physicians that have earned this prestigious recognition. Warmest Regards


Dear Dr. Glasgold, Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful and artistic job you did on Jeremy’s nose. He looks natural and wonderful. The total experience which began when meeting with you has been positively great. You made the experience, which could have been quite harrowing, into one that went remarkably smoothly. Even the hospital stay was pleasant. Again, thank you for your sincerity and caring. There is no way we could have gone through this procedure for J without you. My husband & I will still keep our original large noses however, we still are too chicken to change our good looks. Fondly

L,J, and J

Dear Dr. Alvin, I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me by correcting my nose. It’s almost been two years now (4/2/02) and time and time again I get compliments on my nose. I don’t know if you remember, but Dr. H really botched up my nose and septum. You graphed my ear, fixed my nose as well as doing my eyes at the same time. Every time I look in the mirror I am so thankful that I had found you to help me. Prior to the surgery with you, I didn’t feel good about myself, and nothing can change that until you fix what it is that brings your spirit down. So thank you again for making my life so much better!!! I actually have an appointment to see you soon again, so until then I just wanted to extend my greatest thanks and appreciation. Hope all is well

Real patient

Dear Drs. Alvin and Marc, You are the Best! Thank you for your kindness, and for helping me to look (on the outside) the way I feel (on the inside)! Warm Regards! God Bless!

Real patient

Dear Dr. Glasgold, Just a year ago since you ‘did’ my face. All is just fine now, every time I look in the mirror I am delighted. Sincerely,


I really do feel the best of care was given all around by everyone – doctor, nurse& anesthesiologist were so kind. I am most pleased plus I didn’t experience any pain. I felt good after about 5 days and went to work in 9 days after surgery. I had the best of care, knowledge and most of all I love the results. –(Cheek, Face & Neck Lift with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Pat S

My internist said it’s the most natural he’s seen, and is going to recommend your group to other patients. – (Mid Facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Sandie G

I chose Dr. Mark because he made me feel very comfortable when I met with him for a consult. I liked his manner. Yes, you did meet my expectations and everybody in the office is very nice and friendly. I am very happy with the results. – (Facelift, Blepharoplasty and Fat Injection with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Lois M.

Everyone went above and beyond! More than met my expectations. (Dr. Mark Glasgold) is outstanding!! Everything was terrific! The staff is professional, yet very friendly. I had a positive experience. – (eyelid surgery with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Marie F.

I was told exactly what to expect before and after surgery; there were no surprises – everything ran very smoothly. The staff, as well as Dr. Mark, were great – very caring. [The results] exceeded my expectations. I cannot believe the difference – I am now really comfortable with my body. My experience was so positive. I have no complaints whatsoever, just many thanks to Dr. Mark and his staff. – (Liposuction with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Amy I.

Yes, you did meet my expectation. Continue to do what you do! You changed my life for better! Thank you all at Glasgold Group. – (liposuction with Dr. Mark Glasgold)


Beautiful job! Nothing could have been better. – (Blepharoplasty & Cheek Implants with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Silvia F.

Keep doing what you’re doing!! You informed me thoroughly – I had no surprises – all contacts in the office were caring and attentive – felt like “one of the family”. People always used to think I was about ten years younger – now they are guessing 15 to 20 – I love it!! (Nasal Surgery with Dr. Alvin Glasgold, Chin and Neck Surgery with Dr. Mark Glasgold

Sonia M.

You explained the procedures thoroughly, seemed sincerely concerned about what I wanted. You met my expectations. I think you have done a great job! Office staff has been wonderful. (Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Barbara K.

I am pleased to say the Glasgold staff is kind, warm, understanding and just terrific. I felt completely confident, relaxed and assured with the care I received. Thank you.” (Facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Marlene S.

Everyone was very professional. I’m thrilled with the results and I still have some swelling and I know it’s even going to look better when the swelling is gone. Out of all the plastic surgeons I have either worked with or have come in contact with professionally, I feel the Glasgold Group is most experienced and I had a strong comfort level at your facility with not only the physicians but staff as well. I felt comfortable and everyone was extremely caring and professional. (Liposuction with Dr. Glasgold)

Linda L.

Everything went very well. I was very happy with results. I heard excellent reports from different people. I searched for a long time and I did my own homework on all the doctors in the office. I have already recommended several people. (Facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

A. D.

[I] attended a seminar at Robert Wood Johnson (University Hospital) several years ago and was impressed with the Glasgold presentation. My expectations were met. I would definitely recommend the Group to my friends. All questions and concerns were addressed. Everything was done to increase my comfort level.” (Blepharoplasty with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Dolores M.

Your office staff prepared me very well. It could not been better. It was a wonderful experience. Your staff and your surgeons were never pushy and let me make my decision on what I wanted to have done and when the time was right. Everything was 100% perfect!!! (facelift)

Janice B.

I am very happy with the results of my surgery. Consultation with the doctor helped me to decide on the Upper Lid Blepharoplasty. I had already made the decision to have the facelift before the consultation. I know a number of people who have had surgical procedures performed by Mark Glasgold. They all look wonderful and have nothing but good things to say about him. I was/am more than satisfied with the entire experience. In addition, the staff has been professional, friendly, polite and very helpful. I would definitely recommend you to friends.already have. (Facelift and Upper Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Anita C. D.

We chose the Glasgold Group because we had heard wonderful comments from previous patients, and we gave them a try, well worth it!! Best experience we had in healthcare in ages. We love the staff! (Rhinoplasty)

Scott K.

I first visited Dr. Alvin in 1990 for cosmetic surgery, and he was one of the best surgeons in his field then and continues to be 11 years later when I again required his services. Again, I was pleased with the results. I have recommended the Glasgold Group to all of my friends. Several are now going for Botox. I’m quite happy with my experience, and I’m so glad that Dr. Alvin is still performing surgeries. (Cheek Implants and Septoplasty with Dr. Alvin Glasgold, Scar Revision with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Name W.

I was very pleased with the time given me during the consultation. All my questions were answered and I was not rushed at all. (Facelift, Rhinoplasty and Liposuction)

Joan W.

My expectations were very low because I was under the impression there was no guarantee I would breathe better. I am thrilled with the appearance and breathing. I chose you after personal extensive research – speaking with staff at RWJ and being able to breathe – the look a bonus – surpass my expectations. No more annoying and disturbing sniffles. (Nasal Surgery with Dr. Alvin Glasgold)

Lois J. E.

Great reputation, several recommendations. Most definitely met my expectations – consider you Jersey’s best! Your physician and office exceeded my expectations. Thanks again. (Rhinoplasty with Dr. Alvin Glasgold)

E. K.

I’m very happy. Dr. Mark and office are the best. I always had 100 percent trust in them! I have to thank you for making me happier and have more confidence, also younger looking. (Procedures with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Sarah S.

I am so pleased with the results! I heard the best things about Dr. Alvin Glasgold and I knew a lot of people that he performed the same surgery on. I was so impressed with everything! I think you are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the great work! (Rhinoplasty with Dr. Alvin Glasgold)

Lindsey P.

The staff was excellent in helping me to understand the entire process. (Facelift, Browlift, Cheek Lift and Fat Transfer with Dr. Mark Glasgold)


Dr. Alvin Glasgold was referred to me by family members and friends. Yes, my expectations were exceeded. I was very well prepared. everyone was helpful and wonderful. (Nasal Surgery with Dr. Alvin Glasgold)

Jess N.

Pre & Post Op instructions were extremely clear and precise. The staff was very helpful and caring. I am very happy with the results. (Facelift and Blepharoplasty with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Carol C.

Dr. Alvin was honest, frank, great listener , so bright, and really understood what I hoped I’d look like afterwards. Also impressed with method – no packing, etc.Especially liked the recommended alternative treatments – hardly any bruising with Arnica Montana and enzymes. (Rhinoplasty with Dr. Alvin Glasgold

C. S.

Multiple before-after photos were instrumental in reaching a decision on surgeon selection. This was not the usual practice, I found, when “surgeon shopping”. After consultation with the surgeons, review of personal and professional recommendations made to me, and before/after photos, I felt complete certainty that I was in the best possible hands with Dr. Glasgold – technical expertise and aesthetic judgment, coupled with extensive rhinoplasty experience. Keep up the great work! (Rhinoplasty with Dr. Alvin Glasgold)

Cynthia L.

Excellent information – video was a great idea. very caring and sensitive to my needs. great follow up, more than I expected. (Blepharoplasty with Dr. Mark Glasgold)

Bonnie H.

I felt comfortable and confident with your work and manners. Everyone was very attentive before, during and after surgery. Your team was absolutely wonderful and supportive in every way. I am thrilled with [the results]. (Blepharoplasty and Chin Implant)

Lynn D.

I had my primary rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon other than Dr. Robert Glasgold and was not at all happy with my results. Too much cartilage was taken out so my nasal valves collapsed and my nostrils became totally asymmetrical. Honestly, I was devastated and really didn't know what to do. Thank goodness someone recommended I see Dr. Glasgold. He performed a revision rhinoplasty and I can finally breathe again. Additionally, my new nose looks incredible. Several family members and friends have commented on how great I look. I highly recommend Dr. Glasgold to other patients. In addition to the positive things I've already mentioned, I'd also like to mention that the staff at the Glasgold Group is wonderful and very professional.

Tina Roussin

Dr. Robert Glasgold was an absolute pleasure to meet! He's an excellent doctor: very skilled, insightful, and considerate. He walked me through every step of my filler procedure to ease my tension and worry. He also took the time to address all of my concerns and answer all of my questions, which was so nice. Additionally, his staff is very welcoming and kind. They provided me with an experience second to none.


Dr. Robert Glasgold has been so professional and patient with me. He listens to all of my concerns and answers all of my questions when I have them. His Botox injections provide me with the exact results I want each and every time. I'm so happy with Dr. Robert and the Glasgold practice in general. Patients who want to look great should definitely check them out.     


I'm a week out from my facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold. I know it's early, but I'm already thrilled with the way things are healing. The procedure wasn't painful and the bruising and swelling weren't anything close to what I was anticipating. My husband, who wasn't thrilled about me having surgery, can't believe how great I look already. If you're thinking about having a facelift, I'd highly recommend Mark Glasgold. He truly is the best.


As my parents have been aging, I’ve been struggling with my appearance, knowing what genetics had in store for me. I wanted a more permanent solution rather than fillers and injections. From my first to my last visit with Dr Mark, Jessica, and the rest of the staff, every question was answered with patience. I never felt rushed and never felt like they didn’t care about me and my feelings. They told me everything to expect from my options to help guide my decisions. I decided to do everything at once to address sagging under eyes, dropping eyelids, and improving my sagging jawline and neck. People say I look refreshed, younger, or just can’t quite figure it out. Bottom line is I look like a younger version of me, not some scary version like we see in some surgeries gone bad with movie stars. Dr. Mark assured me of this and I had confidence in his skills that it would be true. What I didn’t expect from the experience was the staff. Truly attentive, frank, and incredibly kind. They made the experience much less scary. I also loved that I could communicate with the practice via text messages. They responded faster than I expected. Such a great option for patients! Dr Mark is truly an expert in his field. I was so fortunate to find someone with his knowledge, skill, and experience so close to home. I would recommend the Glasgold group to anyone I know contemplating any type of facial plastic surgery.

J Madden

Dr. Glasgold and his staff have been welcoming, professional, kind, and informative from the moment we met them. I am thrilled with the care given to my daughter before, during, and after her procedure. Dr. Glasgold took his time to listen to my daughter's concerns and share his plan in a simple, kind, and clear manner. Making a decision to undergo surgery was a difficult one, but since the moment her bandages were removed we have not regretted the decision at all. My daughter's confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. Her nose and chin implant are very natural and fit her face perfectly. Her healing process has been smooth and has undergone no scarring. We are 10 months out from her surgery and are thrilled with the results.


I’ve been wanting to get a rhinoplasty for years and can’t believe I waited so long. Dr. Robert Glasgold did an amazing job. I still can’t believe it really was painless. Not only does it look perfect but he was also able to fix an issue I had from allergies and I can’t believe I can breathe so much better now. I am always getting compliments on how natural my nose looks. Dr. Glasgold changed my life.


Wonderful experience and results!


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