Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder why you don’t look as young as you feel? Maybe you’ve tried creams, facials, and cosmetic treatments without seeing your expected results. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more permanent, but still want to look like yourself. Depending on your aesthetic objectives, a deep plane facelift New Jersey, also known as rhytidectomy, can tackle many of the visible signs of facial aging to help you look as youthful and vibrant as you feel on the inside.

A facelift procedure performed by a board-certified surgeon will tighten your loose skin.
A natural face lift can change your life for the better

The Facial Aging Process

Do you remember how old you were when you first noticed a wrinkle? Most people start seeing fine forehead lines and some minor sagging around ages 25–30, though, in some folks, the aging process can begin as early as the tender age of 20.

How your skin ages depend on a variety of factors. Your genes and the normal aging process are two primary reasons, but sun exposure, lifestyle habits, environmental pollutants, and even your sleep position also play a role. Over time, the combination of these factors triggers a cascade of molecular changes that cause the skin to become thinner, looser, and more fragile. Your skin also dries out, and the underlying layer of fat shrinks, so your face doesn’t look as plump and smooth as it once did.

Of course, the aging process cannot be stopped or reversed completely. However, there are several non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, that can temporarily help fade fine lines and wrinkles. And there are also more long-lasting alternatives, such as a deep plane facelift, that shaves off years of your appearance by removing and reshaping excess facial skin in both the lower and midface.

Benefits of a Deep Plane Facelift

Compared to a traditional facelift, the deep plane one takes over the saggy skin by repositioning the deep tissue.
A deep plane facelift treats the entire facial area

A deep plane facelift is a highly advanced and more nuanced version of the “classic” facelift, which only addresses lower face and neck issues. As the name suggests, a deep plane facelift focuses on the “deep plane” or superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) of the face, an area consisting of a network of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons that work together to control your facial expressions and all the different ways in which your face moves.

This type of New Jersey facelift is designed to target the deeper layers of facial tissue that are responsible for skin elasticity and support. By lifting and repositioning the layers, a deep plane facelift can help restore the youthful contours of your face while also improving skin tone and texture. The procedure reduces sagging skin in the midface area, as well as jowls and neck laxity. It also helps to improve facial symmetry by restoring balance to the underlying muscles and ligaments.

Contrary to traditional facelift surgery, or skin-only facelift, the deep plane technique helps improve sagging cheeks, droopy jowls, and deep creases around the mouth by lifting the entire SMAS structure instead of treating independent areas. Other benefits of this cutting-edge procedure include:

Reducing deep-seated wrinkles

When facelifts were first invented, the objective was to eliminate wrinkles and lines by pulling at and stretching the skin on the lower face. However, that approach often resulted in the dreaded “windswept” look that’s so typically associated with facelift surgery.

Decades later, after advancements in the field of plastic surgery, doctors discovered that the most optimal results are always obtained when the underlying ligaments and structures are tightened and repositioned, instead of tugging at the superficial skin.

Nowadays, the deep plane facelift is the best option for smoothing deep wrinkles and creases because it elevates the midface in a vertical direction, improving skin tone and restoring volume to the cheek area naturally. In fact, contrary to the traditional facelift, patients who have undergone a deep plane facelift rarely need fillers or fat grafting to complement the procedure.

Targeting many signs of aging in one step

A deep plane facelift technique may be applied to just the midface or both the midface and neck area for a more comprehensive restoration. It can address several of the visible signs of aging in just one intervention, including:

  • Deep wrinkles and folds
  • Excess skin
  • Volume loss
  • Double chin
  • Crepey neck skin
  • Jowls 
During the facelift procedure, incisions are made behind the ears and you can take advantage of this opportunity to have other surgeries such as blepharoplasty or neck lift.
A facelift leaves non-visible scars and you can have other procedures

Stunning Natural-looking Results

Although facelifts have been around for quite some time, the possibility of looking “overdone” or “fake” is still the single greatest worry people have when it comes to undergoing this aesthetic procedure. This concern often stems from the many facelift horror stories shown in the media, including those performed on people in the public eye, such as celebrities; but rest assured that poor results are not the only outcome.

Truth be told, for every botched facelift you’ve seen, you’ve probably encountered many others that were so natural you didn’t even realize that the person had “work” done. However, when performed by a knowledgeable, board-certified plastic surgeon, a deep plane facelift that’s executed by paying critical attention to the underlying structures and anatomy of the face can yield gorgeous results that enhance your natural beauty, rather than modify it.

Barely-there scars

Another benefit of the surgical technique is that the incisions are inconspicuously placed behind the ears, so the scars are nearly invisible to the naked eye unless someone closely examines your face. That being said, the key element to reducing scarring as much as possible after a surgical procedure is choosing a highly-trained facial plastic surgeon that’s well-versed in the art of scar camouflaging.

The experienced and talented plastic surgeons at Glasgold Group fully understand the desire to minimize scarring after any procedure involving the face, which is why they take great care in making thin, strategic incisions that will allow for a beautiful transformation with the least risk of noticeable scars. More often than not, our patients are unable to identify their own facelift scars once they’ve fully healed and faded.

Combining it with Other Procedures

A deep plane facelift can be combined with various treatments such as a neck lift, eyelid surgery, brow lift, and dermal fillers for a more comprehensive result. These procedures help to improve facial contour and volume while smoothing creases, resulting in a natural and refreshed youthful appearance.

Low Complication Rate

The risk for complications from a deep plane facelift is low when performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon. However, inexperienced surgeons may not be aware of the nuances involved in this type of invasive procedure, which can lead to unsatisfactory results and potential complications. It is important to research your surgeon’s credentials and experience before undergoing any kind of facial surgery. A qualified and experienced surgeon will be able to minimize the risk of complications while providing you with natural-looking results that last for years.

Plastic surgery isn’t Taboo Anymore

You have a right to feel attractive and comfortable in your own skin
You have a right to feel attractive and comfortable in your own skin.

You have a right to feel attractive and comfortable in your own skin, and for many, plastic surgery is a means for achieving just that. Today, the ubiquity of invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, namely wrinkle relaxers and fillers, have opened the conversation around aesthetic improvements as a way of aging gracefully and boosting self-confidence. As a result, cosmetic surgery isn’t a hush-hush or frowned-upon topic anymore.

If you are not happy with the way your facial skin looks and are considering a facelift, know that you are not alone. In the US alone, more than 18 million facelifts take place every year, making it the seventh most common plastic surgery procedure, right after rhinoplasties and breast reductions.

People who get plastic surgery are not necessarily in vain—although there’s no shame in liking the way you look! Cosmetic interventions such as deep-plane facelifts can help both women and men look and feel their best by matching their outward appearance with their inner sense of self. In fact, getting a facelift can help you think and stress less about how you look since you will no longer be fixated on your jowls or neck when you pass a mirror and look at yourself on Zoom.

Learn More About Deep Plane Facelifts

A deep plane facelift in New Jersey is the gold standard for surgical facial rejuvenation and can create a radiant, youthful appearance across all visibly aged areas of the face. It is a technically demanding procedure that requires the skill and knowledge of an expert cosmetic surgeon, which is why less than 5% of plastic surgeons are able to successfully perform this intervention.

Double board-certified Dr. Robert Glasgold and Dr. Mark Glasgold are internationally renowned plastic surgeons specializing in facial rejuvenation and reconstruction and are proud to be among the most respected deep-plane facelift surgeons in the world.

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In the hands of skilled physicians, such as the surgeons at Glasgold Group, a deep plane facelift is the superior technique for reducing deep wrinkles and creases that are resistant to non-invasive aesthetic interventions. If you want to learn more about this state-of-the-art procedure, schedule an appointment with Glasgold Group.

At your initial consultation, you’ll meet with one of our elite surgeons to discuss your goals and concerns, set expectations for the outcome of your surgery, and assess your overall health. And, in the event that you’re not ready for a deep plane facelift or are looking for a different kind of procedure, your doctor will be happy to recommend other options that fit your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

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