I am Alvin Glasgold, founder of the Glasgold Group. I’d like to discuss Mentoplasty and the importance of the position of the chin and facial esthetics.

As we can see in this patient an attractive appropriately shaped jawline is an essential part of facial harmony and for the right patient Mentoplasty, or augmentation of the chin and jawline, may be the most advantageous-cost effective-easiest cosmetic surgical procedure to undergo.

Ideally the chin should project approximately to the level of the lip line.

When analyzing facial esthetics a receding chin or jawline may produce a number of negative features including:

  • overall facial imbalance
  • a less attractive lower lip
  • exaggeration of the nasal size particularly on profile

In these photographs you can see how much of an impact correction of the jawline has in improving facial appearance.

Mentoplasty may be performed alone or in combination with other procedures particularly Rhinoplasty as in this patient, where the most dramatic effect is the improvement in the appearance of the chin. This also shows the subtle improvement in the appearance of the lower lip when the chin is brought out to its proper position.

I would like to show some other examples of Mentoplasty which will indicate the negative aspects of a receding chin and the kinds of improvement Mentoplasty can provide.

In t his patient a receding chin not only detracts from the appearance of the lower lip but can produce irregularities in the skin of the chin. This pitting affect, which resembles a peach pit, is seen in some cases and can be often corrected with Mentoplasty, and of course in this patient we see a better profile alignment.

Again we see the negative affect on the lower lip and the jawline, which is improved with Mentoplasty.

A receding chin can exaggerate the jowls and make the face appear fuller. In this patient the effect of Mentoplasty improves the contour of the jawline, makes the face look more angular giving a thinner appearance. When combined with submental liposuction, as we see here, it can eliminate the appearance of a double chin.

In the appropriate patient the combination of Mentoplasty and Submental liposuction can also improve the appearance of an aging neck while strengthening the jawline.

Another example of the youthening effect on the jaw, neck, and lower face is shown in this patient following Mentoplasty combined with submental liposuction. This combination has often been referred to as the “weekend facelift” because of the significant improvement and very brief recovery time without undergoing an actual facelift.

This patient shows the significant improvement in the neck and the reduction in the appearance of the jowl.

Mentoplasty is very significant in men. A receding chin suggests weakness. A strong jawline suggests masculinity as shown here.

The change can be rather subtle as we see in this individual.

Or a more dramatic effect in a patient who has a more significant degree of chin recession.

We have extensive experience in the use and design of Chin / Cheek Implants. Our study performed for the Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery reviewed 500 of our patients and confirmed the long term safety of Chin / Cheek Implants. We’ve been involved with implant design and particularly fashioned the Glasgold Wafer, which is used for intraoperative custom contouring of the chin during Mentoplasty.

Mentoplasty is a procedure which can be performed under local anesthesia in our accredited office operating suite. It takes approximately half an hour. When adding submental liposuction an additional 15 minutes of time will be added.

Patients done on a Thursday can generally be back to work on Monday. This procedure is very cost effective. If you are interested in consultation, please call us at (732) 846-6540 and we also may be able to give an online opinion if provided with appropriate photographs both on front view and profile.

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