Is There an Ideal Age?

Age can play a significant role in evaluating nasal structure. Since facial maturity occurs at different rates among individuals, the nose can reach full maturity at anywhere from 15 to 20 years of age. 

Once a person’s nose finishes its physical growth, they are a potential candidate for rhinoplasty in New Jersey. This means that the patient will have already gone through puberty. Generally, girls will become candidates for rhinoplasty before boys. This is usually true for emotional development as well.

Emotional maturity will help patients set reasonable expectations and manage their recovery more responsibly. A rhinoplasty procedure makes small improvements that can lead to dramatic results. This can be an emotional time for those who are still going through hormonal fluctuations.

Regardless of age, patients should have a thorough understanding of what’s involved with the procedure. This includes not only the surgery but the recovery period as well. For teenagers, taking a week off for recovery is best done in the summer.

It’s important to keep in mind that most rhinoplasty patients are adults over the age of 18. Younger patients will need to obtain parental permission, in addition to approval by a plastic surgeon. Understandably, most parents want their teens to wait a bit before choosing to undergo rhinoplasty. 

While this type of procedure can be performed at almost any adult age, the ideal time for rhinoplasty is when the patient is in their twenties or thirties. At this point, the nose has fully developed and the patient can easily heal without the likelihood of medication interactions or additional complications.

Am I Too Young for a Nose Job?

There is no maximum age limit for rhinoplasty procedures. Having a rhinoplasty surgery at a young age, however, can have lasting consequences. Before getting a nose job, the nose must be fully developed.

Those who have not yet reached puberty are too young for the procedure. This is true for both boys and girls. Because the nose is still growing, surgery could negatively alter natural development.

Emotional maturity is also a factor. A teenager with the emotional maturity to handle a dramatic alteration in appearance is necessary for a positive outcome. A candidate should fully understand what surgery means and how it will affect them in the future.

Boys that are under the age of 17 or 18 are often too young for rhinoplasty surgery. This is because boys develop at a slightly slower rate than girls and may need a few more years to reach physical and emotional maturity. Depending on the individual, these ages can vary.

If a candidate has already gone through puberty, demonstrates emotional maturity, and has plenty of support, they will probably meet the age requirement. Rhinoplasty can be appropriate for the right teenage patients. 

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Teenage Rhinoplasty

Many teenagers are unhappy with their noses, but most do not end up opting for surgery before the age of 18, due to the need for parental permission (and often, financing). Regardless of age, however, this procedure can be performed for medical or cosmetic reasons. For teenagers, rhinoplasty is often performed as elective surgery, but may also be functional or performed to correct defects in the nose.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Appearances are especially important to most teenagers. A large nasal hump or drooping nasal tip can be embarrassing for adults and teenagers alike, and many people want to fix their facial symmetry with rhinoplasty. 

Decreasing the size of the nostrils or straightening the bridge are common rhinoplasty techniques for making the face look more balanced. Issues that pertain to the shape of the nose may or may not fall under the category of medical surgery. If the issue is purely cosmetic, the procedure is not considered functional. 

A nose job that is designed to correct an injury or fix airway obstruction is often a necessity. This can improve the ability to breathe normally and reduce any potential pain from injury. A teenage rhinoplasty procedure can help with some common issues that affect the quality of life.

Nose Maturity

Before you can plan the details of your new jersey rhinoplasty, you must determine if you are an appropriate age to consider surgery.  It is important that potential candidates for surgery are at the appropriate degree of physical and emotional maturity.  As a general rule surgery to the nose should not be performed until the patientis at or close to their peak physical growth.

For most teenagers, the nose is fully developed by their late teens. After puberty, it is unlikely that the nose will continue to noticeably grow. Although an injury could potentially reshape the nose, the nasal structure is typically permanent by this point.

The nose is made of skin, bone, and cartilage, which is slightly denser than skin, but much softer than bone. As a person ages, the skin’s elasticity decreases and can cause a weaker cartilage frame. This change occurs with age and does not affect the overall nasal structure. 

To truly determine the maturity of your nose and your eligibility for rhinoplasty, you should consult directly with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

The Procedure

Techniques used during rhinoplasty surgery are the same for both adults and teenagers. If a person has a deviated septum, this procedure is considered functional, as it can address breathing issues. Although the surgery is the same, insurance may cover this type of nose job.

A rhinoplasty procedure is permanent and can change the way the patient views themselves or how others see them. A typical nose job takes approximately two or three hours to complete and does not need to be conducted in a hospital or inpatient setting. 

Rhinoplasty patients need to be aware that the initial recovery time can take weeks. For teens, this is typically done during a vacation period when they will not need to go to school.

Do You Have a Good Support Network?

Every rhinoplasty patient should be prepared to involve loved ones and to rely on their support network as they prepare for surgery, make their way through recovery, and adjust emotionally to their cosmetic changes. Young patients can be especially vulnerable to these mental and emotional challenges and should not try to “go it alone.” Experience has shown that patients with a strong support network are more likely to be satisfied with their results, experience a smooth recovery, and reduce their risks for complications. When people are helping to care for you, you’re taking better care of yourself as well. Your physical recovery can be difficult at times and, if you involve your parents or friends, you’ll find strength in those who care about your well-being.

Can You Be Honest with Your Surgeon?

Your rhinoplasty consultation is your best chance to plan a successful rhinoplasty surgery and that means you must be completely honest with your facial plastic surgeon. Don’t hide facts about your medical history, lifestyle habits, past surgeries, and current medications. By omitting information about yourself, you might put yourself at unnecessary risk for many serious complications. Being open with your facial plastic surgeon is the best way to ensure that you are completely satisfied and safe throughout your surgical process and recovery.

Are You Looking for Natural Results?

In order to be considered a success, the results of your rhinoplasty surgery must appear natural, as though you were born with the nose you now have. To achieve natural results, your facial plastic surgeon will make his expert recommendations based on your facial structure, facial proportions, ethnicity, individual concerns, and desired results. While you may have an idea of the nose you want already, your surgeon is the best qualified to determine which changes are appropriate for your personal look. Plan your surgery together for your best results.

Am I Too Old for Rhinoplasty?

Although there is no age limit for a rhinoplasty procedure, it is often easier to get a nose job before the age of 60. The aging nose can create new challenges for surgeons that may require additional alterations to the nose structure. After the age of 60, physiological changes in the nose are taken into consideration. Rhinoplasty surgery is considered extremely safe. Some people require a nose job later in life due to breathing issues. When undergoing this type of surgery at an older age, patients can improve both functional and cosmetic issues. 

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Do You Know Where to Find a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

To plan your rhinoplasty at any age, consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon new jersey, knowledgeable, and approachable and has performed many surgeries on people in your age category. Dr. Robert Glasgold has performed many rhinoplasties and is exceptionally skilled. Contact the Glasgold Group to book your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Robert Glasgold, where your health, safety, and satisfaction are always his top priority. The Glasgold Group, located at 31 River Road in Highland Park, New Jersey (732) 846-6540.

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